a deer-inspired color palette

a deer-inspired color palette [pinit]


If you've never driven down the California coast, you really, REALLY need to add it to your bucket list. Big Sur, Carmel, and Monterey are some of my favorite places on Earth. Between coastline strolls and wooded hikes, you'll see everything from otters, elephant seals, and tide pool creatures to bright yellow banana slugs, California condors, and deer. (This particular deer was spotted at Point Lobos State Reserve, one of many must-sees along Highway 101.)


ALGAE #3E4E53 / ALOE #71968D / SAGE #9CB4A7


WHAT ARE THESE COLOR CODES? The “hex codes” above are provided as a courtesy for those customizing website colors or looking for general color inspiration. They are not based on paint or Pantone chips. Remember that ink on paper will never look the same as light on a screen. If you like a combination you see, we recommend saving the image and heading to your local hardware store to find paint chips that match. Digital colors will change depending on your phone/tablet/computer screen, so be sure to color match with real swatches. Also, I make up all the color names. 

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