A Branding Workbook | winner!

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner graphic by Akula Kreative Congratulations to KRISTY of Looseleaf Editorial & Production for winning a copy of our Branding Workbook!

Kristy, a small business owner in Utah, provides quality editorial and production services to individual authors, publishers, businesses, and scholars. When asked how the Branding Workbook would help her, she explained:

I am preparing to focus my efforts specifically to fiction authors this coming year. Up to now I have been casting a very broad net for clients, but my schedule is now very full (I'm a stay-at-home mom and I'll soon be managing .33 acres of garden and chickens as well), so I want to select for quality over quantity when it comes to clients.

I want to focus my branding (and probably rebrand) to attract fiction writers, as they are the clients whose work I enjoy the most and with whom I feel the most collaborative spirit.

However, I have NO branding experience. I built my website myself and did all the logo creation, but I have little design background (I think it shows). I was able to get some professional input on my rebrand, but I don't feel like I have a good enough direction yet for myself, let alone for someone else to help me. A workbook would help me ask the right questions and formulate solid answers so I can give myself a better idea of how to brand Looseleaf appropriately.

Kristy: the Branding Workbook sounds like a great fit for this little predicament, so we are more than happy to give you a boost. Good luck, best wishes, and stay in touch!


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