The typical morning of a graphic designer.

A graphic designer's breakfast. If you follow Akula Kreative on Instagram, you may have seen this photo. As I sauntered into the kitchen this evening, I realized I forgot to put away my little "breakfast ensemble." Then it struck me how odd it is that this is a perfectly normal—routine, even—occurrence in our house. (After all, an egg gummy on a drawing of a pan on a kitchen table is just not something you see every day.) Most people might see an egg gummy and think, "How cute, now I will eat it." But I see an egg gummy and think, "All this needs is a mini pan! But I don't have one. Oooh, I will draw one! Then I will take a photo and post it to Instagram!"


Dearest Social Media,

One day I will need to break up with you to get my life back.

xo Nikki