a pastel-macaron-inspired color palette

a pastel-macaron-inspired color palette // coral, pink, mint, aqua // photo by The Wagyu Story [pinit]


Each week for the next four weeks, we'll be featuring a color palette based on the work of a special guest photographer. Today's pastel palette is brought to you by The Wagyu Story, a husband-and-wife team based out of Singapore and Bandung.

The word “Wagyu” in the company name does not refer to top-grade beef, but is actually an acronym for “What A Goofy Youthful Unison”, which is reflected in our personalities – Tata & En-En, who fall madly in love not just with photography, but also with one another. It is also because of our love of food that we choose the name.

So cute! I officially want to be your friend, Wagyu!

Aaaand, speaking of cute...how about these picture-perfect pastel macarons? I love the sweet and delicate combination of coral, peach, mint, and aqua. Mmm!

To see more beautiful photos by The Wagyu Story, please visit their website or Facebook Page. Thank you, Wagyu ~ we look forward to following your adventures in 2014!




Happy Friday, all!